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             Beowulf was written around 850 in the Anglo-Saxon language which was the common language in England at the time. Beowulf was the epic hero in the story whose tale of fights with three great monsters is told. Beowulf is different from most all epic heroes which sets him apart to be one the greatest, if not the greatest hero of all. Beowulf is set apart from all others in his ability to fight, his loyalty to those around him, and his ability as a successful leader.
             Beowulf is unlike any other epic hero in the manner in which he fights. He does need an army to help him in fights although he does have them with him for the voyage and to be there if they are needed. He is a fearless fighter and only views things as challenges without dwelling on the outcome as he knows in the back of his mind he will win. Some people see this as his vanity, while others see it as assurance of his ability to fight. From the beginning stories are told over and over again about the time when Beowulf was younger and fought off the sea monsters. .
             His battle with Grendle was quick as he had no tactics to beat him. No sword could hurt Grendle so Beowulf would have beat him by hand alone. "The captain of evil discovered himself in a handgrip harder than anything he had ever encountered in any man on the face of the earth." (749-752) His first and only attack on Grendle was the best he could do. Grendle thrashed around trying to loosen the grip that Beowulf had on him. His work finally paid off and he was able to escape only Beowulf had pulled him arm straight off his body that caused him to inevitably die.
             Beowulf's loyalty to those in his life is a great and sets him apart by far from those of his day. Power and authority is the one thing people strive for and will die for. Beowulf shows his loyalty throughout the story. He first shows his caring nature to Hrothgar when he first arrived when hearing of Grendle and his terrorizing ways.

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