What are the Reasons for War?

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The first thing that would come up to anyone's mind when you mention war is death, horror, destruction, pain and suffering. War is something that no one in his or her right mind would wish to happen. Those who go to war must face the possibility of death or mutilation and even those who don't fight face the loss of their loved ones. So then why is it that to this day humanity has to resolve to armed violence in order to solve disputes? What could the reasons for war be? "The causes of war are as various as the causes of disputes between married couples  but the main causes for war seem to be such things as social nature, nationalism, imperialism, militarism and of course, lets not forget human nature.

The reasons for war usually differ from those generally accepted by the public. It is known that some countries have a long tradition of neutrality, others of militarism and hostility. Militarism in the society, and the very existence of armed forces, in some way, seems to make it ok to use war as a means of solving conflicts. The conditions, which almost inevitably lead to war, are the existence of people who are in a higher power, to whom the possession of power and the rewards of a successful war ar

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