Carl Jung

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Carl Gustav Jung made many contributions to the world of psychology. Perhaps his most important contribution was the work that he did on personality types. Jung did a lot of work with the conscious and unconscious states of mind as well as creating seven interacting systems that make up one's personality. His work has been used in many fields of study including psychology, literature, and education (Thorne and Henley, 2001). Personality typing is one aspect of psychology that I find extremely interesting. Jung's theory on personality is intriguing and provided a framework for test makers to develop personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Thorne and Henley, 2001). Jung's theories of personality such as the ego, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious provide insight into the reasons people behave in the manner they choose as well as providing information as to how people interact with one another. Jung's work was an important contribution to understanding human behavior and this topic is most interesting. Jung developed a personality theory that came to be known as analytical psychology. His writings were interesting even though at times they can be difficult t

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