Moral Stautes of a Fetus

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How is the moral status of the fetus best determined? The necessary conditions that

determine when the living thing becomes a person, with moral status, are based

on scientific and individual beliefs.

I will defend my claim by presenting psychological criteria, biological criteria and

I will begin with an example from Judith Thompson a philosophy professor. The

Story best demonstrates that, the moral status of the fetus is based on individual belief.

The story goes like this " A terrified fourteen-year-old high-school girl whose

pregnancy has been caused by rape has already suffered one severe trauma. If she is now

required, over her protests, to carry the child to full term despite her fear, anguish, deep

depression, and fancied public mortification, the harmful ramifications may be hundred

It is the woman's individual belief that it does not matter to her what the moral

status of the fetus may be. She wants the pregnanc

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