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            Our group supports the definition of a human being states by Professor George and Dr. Gomez-Lobo as "an embryonic, fetal, infant child, and adolescent stages are all stages in the development of a determinate and enduring entity which is a human being." A person is defined by their psychological capacities, such as self-awareness and the ability to communicate. The moral implications of confirming or denying that something is a person is that some may argue that if a fetus is not a human being, then it does not deserve full moral respect. However, our group has reached the conclusion that even if the fetus is not a complete person, it has the potential to be one and therefore deserves full moral respect. .
             In forming an argument that the fetus is not a human being, one could plead that in early stages of development; the fetus is not self-aware and can not communicate which means that it is not a person. According to Mary Anne Warren, there are five central traits to the concept of personhood, consciousness, reasoning, self-motivated activity, the capacity to communicate, and the presence of self-concepts. If following this definition, the fetus would lack four components (because no one knows what consciousness is) and therefore not be a person.
             When formulating an argument confirming the conclusion that a fetus is a person, one may conclude that because one can not deal with where on the slippery slope argument a fetus becomes a person, you have to start at the beginning of the development of a human being at conception. It is even more difficult to determine when the fetus becomes self-aware, so when drawing conclusions, we should take it as a fact that all fetuses are persons from the beginning. In agreement with Dr. Gomez-Lobo, "at the embryonic stage we were whole and complete" which would confirm the argument that fetuses are persons from the moment of conception.
             As a group, we have concluded that the argument that a fetus is a human being and a person is the strongest because it is so hard to distinguish from a human being and a person.

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