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The theoretical model in which our group is researching is psychoanalysis. The name psychoanalytical implies the analysis of the psyche. Psychoanalysis is defined as a form of psychotherapy based on the idea that each of us has an unconscious mind that contains ides, memories and desires. Which have been hidden or repressed because they are psychologically dangerous to our self image.

Major theories and concepts of psychoanalysis based on Freud

Initially, psychoanalysis was a method of treating mental patients. It has now developed into a new concept of how to understand the human mind. Although Sigmund Freud was the first person to base the idea of psychoanalysis on the notion of the unconscious mind controlling human behaviors, this theory has been reevaluated and expanded on over the past century. The existence of the unconscious which Freud reveals is now defined in psychology as: the thought process of the mind which does not have an ability to be recalled at will. From this central focus, Freud and other psychoanalysts have developed theories on why people act in certain ways and what stimulates these ideas and behavior.

Freud theories are categorized under three main

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