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             Sigmund Freud was the first to develop the idea of psychoanalysis. Many physicians at that time turned down Freud's idea, that one could have mental and physical problems which dwelled from deep with in a person. However, Freud continued his studies, and has contributed a lot to the world of psychology. Freud has shown the world that the mind is a powerful tool, and he also proved that physical illness could be a link to mental thoughts. (Hacker) Since Freud's success in psychology, psychoanalysis has become an important topic to psychology. .
             In the 1890's, psycholoanalysis developed from a Viennese physician named .
             Sigmund Freud. (Grolier) Freud, along with his followers used psychoanalysis to branch off into the world of psychology. The definition of psychoanalysis can best be defined as emphasizing the roles of unconscious mental forces and conflicts in determining behavior." (Wood 27) The main branch of psychology is "normal thinking" of the mind. .
             Freud thought that many of our problems lived inside of our unconsciousness and we where not aware of this. It is a body of knowledge which sets apart from the traditional psychology, psychotherapy, and also psychopathology. (Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia) .
             In psychology, these deal more with religion, education, mythology, and with life in general. Freud's idea of psychoanalysis, deals more with the conflict that our minds encounter. Freud believed in three types of related activities they are; a method of research into the minds of humans, especially inner experiences which holds our dreams, fantasies, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Also, a great deal of knowledge of the mind, and its functions, and a system of treatment of emotional and psychological disorders. (Grolier) .
             In Freud's psychoanalysis, Freud believed that all humans were born with instincts which drive a person to act the way in which they do. There are two classifications for this they are: the libido, this is based on sexual pleasures, and the second type is called aggression this motivates the behavior.

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