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            " We come upon a contention which is so astonishing that we must dwell upon it.
             This contention holds that what we call our civilization is largely responsible for our .
             misery and that we should give it up and return to primitive conditions." (Page 38) .
             Freud states this, meaning that in every way we try to protect our selves from civilization, .
             it is civilization itself that is making us suffer. Freud argues that civilization has its good .
             and bad points. Some good points in civilization are the medicines that we use, .
             different variations of travel, computers and highways. Some of the bad things that .
             come from civilization are terrorism and the weapons that are used for terrorism. .
             Freud states that humans are not secure in their civilization itself. He states that in .
             the earlier ages there were extenuating circumstances including culture, etc. that made .
             happiness impossible. In trying to pursue happiness, the cause is not worth while; for .
             suffering always plays apart which ultimately causes failure.
             Freud also argues the amount of frustration that civilization imposes on our .
             instincts are much greater than it ought to be. He states the civilization is discontented .
             because our instincts are being forced out. Now our instincts are inborn. So when we .
             have an instinct, it would not be conscience. .
             Now, Civilization is the imposition on our freedom by a higher power, this makes .
             human kind mad. Man wants only to be happy, but there are many things inside of us .
             whether they are unconscious, or conscience that won't let us be happy. Freud talks .
             about the "ID" which is the unconscious self, in terms of the reality principle. And then .
             the Ego, which is the conscience self.
             Freud says that man created a god like figure. This would contribute to dreams of .
             man. Freud would explain this as, that man wants a father like figure, which projects into .
             the universe which is where the figure is created.

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