Marketing Analysis Vodafone

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New Zealand's telecommunications industry has seen signs of an upturn in 2002, and forecasts are for even better results in 2003. Telecom's dominance is coming under increasing commercial pressure from the recently merged TelstraClear and Vodafone, in the voice/data and mobile markets, respectively, as well as increasing regulatory pressure from a Telecommunications Commissioner who's already shown a willingness to favour competition. Broadband is likely to be a key area, with the government promoting and part-funding a regional expansion plan for high-speed access that will be rolled-out throughout 2003.

Telecommunications services revenue growth for 2002 showed a slight increase to 5% (up from 3% in 2000). Growth for 2003 is expected to be 7.8%.

Telecom has been severely criticised, but we see this as a positioning manoeuvre by the incumbent as it prepares to do regulatory battle over

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