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Promotional Strategies

            Promotion is a part of 4Ps of marketing business strategies, which is widely used by the companies to inform, influence, or persuade existing and potential customers about the company's products or services. Marketing itself combines a broad range of business activities, where marketing mixes help companies to achieve its objectives and total customer satisfaction. Careful and thoughtful development of promotional strategies plays a significant role for business enterprises to maintain its leadership position in today's competitive marketplace. Unique promotional strategies make companies different and better from those of competitors, and so, attract more new customers. It is important to understand that these strategies need to be effective to ensure the success of the campaign. Promotional strategies turn into campaigns whose objective is to let the market know that the company is prepared to serve it with quality services and quality products, while reminding about its existence through placement of the right message in the right medium and using the right strategy whether it is brand awareness, new product or service introduction, attractive offering or another event where existing customers and prospects can participate. A mix of promotional strategies brings an opportunity for every organization to get closer to its customers wherever they are, whether they are consumers purchasing products and services or partners helping promote and distribute products and services. The result should be to establish and maintain a long term and fruitful business relationship with all parties to ensure a successful business growth at the markets the company serves. "Companies and brands are very concerned with measurable and quick results in their marketing initiatives that promotion can deliver as promotional strategies can be designed to reach consumers where they are", says Caren Berlin, president of Clarion Promotio, which is based in Greenwich, CT.

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