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Advertising - Axe Repositioning Plan

             Given the present data, what do you think HUL should do – at a brand level?.
             Although Axe was the first entrant into the market, over time the competition has risen and challenged its position by offering greater benefits and value to consumers. With a plethora of 'me too' products it is important for Axe to extend its offerings and product portfolio to include more male grooming products. More importantly, it is necessary for the brand to create a strong resonance in the minds of the consumer with secondary benefits. It needs to highlight them and create strong differentiation amongst its variants as well. .
             There is limited incentive left in merely highlighting Axe as a weapon in the mating arena. There is a need for rational benefits to come through in the current scenario.
             2. Proposition.
             'The Axe Effect' still has a unique appeal and it will do well for the company to continue to leverage its recall. There is a need to tweak it to add and highlight functional benefits like long-lasting freshness, gentleness on skin, underarm protection etc. There is additionally a need to try something different to break away from the existing clutter of brand and their communication in the market.
             3. Place.
             Axe can up its presence on e-commerce websites and allow consumers who shop on the go more accessibility. Also, the distribution of HUL is one of the strongest, so that way most shops are covered. However, there could be stronger in-store communication that catches eyeballs. For example, samples can be provided to users and stand-alone stalls at malls for the deodorant could also be used.
             4. Promotion.
             There is a need to make the promotion more relevant to the Indian audience. The product itself claims to attract girls to the extent that angels fall from heavens. Now, although this worked well initially, over time this exaggerated imagery, has gone from being 'eye-catching and different' to 'unreal and untrue'.

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