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Advertising Strategy - Dove Brand Products

            The purpose of advertising is to enhance potential buyers' responses to the organization and its offering by channeling desire, and by supplying reasons for preferring its particular offer. As the world is technologically more powerful, the need of marketing, advertising and competition are also increasing (Vahabzadeh et al, 2013). Dove has carefully and strategically planned its advertisements campaigns to not only reach its target audience but also entice and grab their attention by using emotional cues in its ads and campaigns. Attitudinal measures has to be done on the advertisement to identify potential areas where more sales can be derived and understanding the possible impact on the attitude and behavior of Dove's target audience when they are exposed to the advertisement. (Naini et al, 2012) As a result, it has managed to differentiate itself from its competitors and distinctively positioned its brand in consumers' minds.
             Apart from placing ads on platforms such as television, magazines and places that would greatly reach its audience, Dove also engages its target audience through internet platforms such as online campaigns, twitter feeds, facebook events, youtube videos. e-banners and forums. Not only does help in measuring its campaign effectiveness, it can also help to further understand what its target audience seek and create advertisements that its target audience finds reliable, relatable and memorable. (Kuznetsov & Semyonov, 2013) By constantly engaging its consumers, Dove also receives valuable feedback that will be beneficial in evaluating the progress of its advertisements and campaign.
             Dove relies on marketing to reach its target market and create customer interest in their product thus advertisements frequency are planned proper to help meet marketing objectives. Dove does not only use the traditional way of advertising but they greatly utilise the online platform.

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