Pretty Boy Crossover

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In the following pages I am going to deal with Pat Cadigan ´s short story Pretty Boy Crossover. The story was first published in 1986 and is included in her short-fiction collection Patterns.

By analyzing the various aspects of the text I will try to give my own interpretation of Cadigan ´s essay and her views on society and human behaviour influenced by computers and new technologies.

The Story

As the introduction of Pretty Boy Crossover already gives away, Cadigan got her ideas for the story from her own observations and experiences of the mid 80 ´s club scene. Her main character is Pretty Boy, a sixteen year old kid, who is struggling with a decision that would influence his life. He has attracted the attention of influential people, who want to recruit him for their "programme . Like his friend Bobby, "they  want to transform Pretty Boy from what they call a "less efficient form  (human being) to a "S-A-D , a self-aware data. In a way

PETTY BOY CROSSOVER Term Paper for "Aesthetics Of Techno-Culture in American Literature and

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