The Hyksos

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The Hyksos were a Semitic group of people from western Asia. They were quite intelligent and very skilled in battle. With their skill in battle and their modern day weapons they worked to take over the Middle Kingdom of Egypt in the 17th century B.C. They began the 15th dynasty in Egypt which would rule until about the 16th century B.C. when the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt by a revolt led by Ahmose who began the 18th dynasty in Egypt.

According to Encarta Encyclopedia in the 17th century B.C. the Hyksos swept south into Egypt, probably coming from Palestine and Syria, they and their nomadic followers captured Memphis using their superior military tactics. Mounir A. Farah and Andrea Berens Karls tells us that when the Hyksos invaded Egypt they traveled across the desert into Egypt bringing with them many new tools for war. Encarta Encyclopedia tells us that the Hyksos introduced the horse into Egypt. Farah and Karls tells us that when they invaded Egypt they did so with horse-drawn chariots and bronze weapons which were much more advanced than the Egyptians, who fought on foot with copper and stone weapons. The Hyksos superior military easily destroyed the Egyptians rather weak military. After the Hyksos captured M

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