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Charter Schools for American Indians

In this article we looked at the school system and how it is not working for the Native Americans in it. So, in hopes to find something that would work for them, charter schools were brought into the public eye of the Native Americans. There was a "narrowness of the system that controls the education process.  (1972) They need a change and this type of classroom was felt to be able to give that attention to heritage and culture.

"The charter school movement is a reform through which American Indians can gain back their sovereignty.  "Not to look at what we each necessarily but how we teach it. "These schools are what the Native American people had been asking for over a century. (2000)

The author of this piece gives us enlightenment on the subject of charter schools. He introduces us to a teacher who is in the chater school system and lets her shed light on what we are gearing up for. She tells us the factors that go into a classroom and she tells us what she expects in a classroom. What we aren't told is how is this working for the student (in student opinion) and what exactly could happen if this style

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