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Knowledge Of Accounting

             Knowledge of standard accounting codes, classifications, and terminology, and ability to apply accounting methods, forms and techniques.
             My knowledge of standard accounting codes, classifications, and terminology stems from my recent completion of Principles of Accounting course, my detail with the Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), and my serving as back up to the Corporate Technician in the Office of Corporate Credit Unions. I learned how to prepare and process financial statements such as income statements, balance sheet statements, statement of change in owners equity, and statement of cash flows through the college course I attended. Working with the OCFO in the Share Insurance Division enabled me to apply my knowledge with the responsibility of preparing the cash flow utilizing Cash Link's voucher summaries reports, the federal investment (via internet), deposit slips share insurance may have received, maintaining a zero balance with Mellon Bank by wiring funds or requesting a transfer in of funds on a daily basis and calculating the investment to be sent to the Bureau of Public Debt on a daily basis. Assisted in reconciling cash balance monthly. While working with Share Insurance, I was exposed to the agency's list of standard accounting codes and classifications. Prepared journal vouchers and ensured that debits (code 40) and credits (code 50) were always equal. While working with Share Insurance, I processed numerous audit confirmations for General Ledger subsidiary accounts. Cross training with the former corporate technician and preparing the monthly budget reports in her absence exposed me to OCCU's budget breakdown. I retrieved and used the reports generated from SAP to input data into a variance worksheet containing OCCU's accounts with budget versus actual and calculating percentage actually used for current month and year to date. .
             2. Knowledge of automated accounting controls, financial management systems and microcomputer applications.