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            The opening for a "Finance Associate" at Ryan Beck & Co. interests me and I would apply for the job because of many reasons. First of all, on the company website, it states that this is a job for someone seeking growth in the career and has a desire to succeed. I believe that I am an over-achiever. I will always seek to do better than my schoolmates or improve on my past accomplishments. I will practice doing calculus problems over and over until I know the formulas "like the back of my hand". Second, the job description says the job will involve budgeting, corporate planning and risk management. I have always been able to budget my time, resources, money, and etc., plan out daily activities, and decide on which decisions would be risky or not to act out. I have had my own checking account for almost over two years now and have never went below the required balance and get a fine. I have held a part-time job ever since freshman year, play a sport every season during school, and maintain a 3.0 grade point average throughout high school. I feel that this job would be a good job for me to obtain because of my education in the Accounting/Business courses I have taken.
             Job Article #2.
             This internship at CIRI seems to be a fundamental background to have before starting my career. My knowledge of Accounting, especially Financial Accounting, could be rated "top-notch". I was at the top of my class while I was enrolled in the course, and always helped others when it was needed. I also have a good knowledge of computer programs behind me I have strong skills in Microsoft Word and Excel. I use those programs on a weekly basis for my courses at school as well as for personal reasons. Usage of a calculator has always been easy for me when I need to use them and this is one of the skills/abilities listed for the job. The computer courses I took in high school and college has enabled me to type up to 60 words per minute.

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