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Steve Jobs Biography

             From his troubled childhood, to a successful businessman, to the departure from his own company, Steven Jobs proved that education is vital to achieve the goals in one's life. Throughout his childhood Jobs attended school in a rough neighborhood and was disinterested in attending until his eighth grade teacher saw his potential. As soon as he was allowed to experiment with his creativity, he and a friend built their first computer in the Jobs" family garage that eventually led to the creation of their own company known as Apple. Although his company was extremely successful, a difference of opinion with his business manager led to his separation form the company. Amid the success of Apple, Steve Jobs walked away from his passion, and his troubled childhood to start over again. Until Jobs realized his potential, he felt that school was a waste of time and even considered dropping out.
             Steve Jobs did not always have success in his life as illustrated by his struggle in school as a young boy. He attended grammar school in a rough neighborhood that caused some disinterest in school. While his graders were average and dropping rapidly as he struggled to find his "place." Under the encouragement of his eighth grade teacher, Steve began creating electronic gadgets. Soon it was this creative outlet that encouraged him to follow his dream of working for Bill Hewlett: "Some kids would have been afraid to dial up one of the richest and most important men in California. Not Steve Jobs." (Brashares 10) As a result, this inspired Steve to start his own successful business. .
             With so much creative energy and a partner who shared his vision the only alternative was to create their own business. Jobs and his best friend, Steven Wozniak "Woz", built their first computer in the Jobs" garage: "With a lot of excitement and a little money, the two friends began to build a computer." (Brashares 16) Amid the excitement over their creation the two decided to start up a business together.

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