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Women In The News: Discrimination Or Just Nature Of The Game

            Women in the News: Discrimination or Just Nature of the Game?.
             As a child I recall how perfect, intelligent, and elegant the news women would.
             appear, and would want nothing more than to be on that screen. My brother and I would pick out.
             the most attractive news men and women and pretend to be that perfect news team as we relay.
             the neighborhood events to an audience of dolls and bears. It was entertaining for us; just a.
             game. Now that I"m seriously considering this occupation, I want to know more about what I"m.
             getting into. What are some sacrifices I will have to make to be successful in this business and.
             will I be willing to accept these things? Age and sex discrimination have both been reoccurring.
             issues in the television news industry over the past thirty years. If a network decided not to.
             renew my contract after I reach middle age, is it justified in that they are trying to get the best.
             ratings for the show or is this discrimination? .
             Television is a huge entertainment industry, but should programs such as the nightly news.
             fall into this category? The purpose of the news is to provide the public with important.
             information regarding current events, but many producers argue that they must also have a news.
             team that is appealing to the public eye. A male-female paired news team, where the female is.
             usually younger than the male, is what you generally see when you turn on the nightly news, but.
             this ideal news team has brought about much scrutiny in the business over the past thirty years. .
             Many women, such as ex-newswoman, Christine Craft, have argued that their journalistic talents.
             come second to their looks when their up for hire or dismissal, while their male counterparts are.
             judged by less superficial standards. (Trigoboff 129: 20-25) Can broadcast television producers.
             really be blamed for trying to assemble a news team that is appealing to the public, or should the.
             network just stick with the news and forget about all of this entertainment stuff? Is it unrealistic.

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