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British Rule and the Muslim Revolution

            In 1803, the Mughal kingdom down-fell. This conclusion happened from many days before due to the inner weakness of the Indian- subcontinent. The Mughal rule, in one word, had been easily turned in the hand of British Imperialism very easily, the power was given to the british , even before they realized their faults. Even if they saw the effects or predict the future they didn't give any kind of heed to it, due to their carelessness. .
             The large and abundant riches wealth of Indian sub continent have been famous and its stories of abundant wealth have been rumoring and spread around the whole world. the pirates and traders of the europe have been attracted towards these immense riches and wealth of India which brought them here, which ended by the losing freedom in theirr hands. and later on the fate gave the winning pearls to the imperialism of the British.
             But what's done had been done, it was too late for them, every one woke up, every one became astonished; all that was left was to rise up against it. But there were no such force who could lead against such a well organised power. The revolution, the movement didn't come in one day, or by one chance, it was growing inside the people and atlast it bursted out in a way unpredictable. Then there after, came many and then the british were forced to move out of this continent. The muslims were also a huge part of this movement. The muslims also took part in the activities against the rule of British.
             The Ulema Community of the Muslims: the first direct resistance came from the ulema muslims community. .
             this resistance was mainly the result of intolerance towards the foreign and infidel. First protest was raised by famous religious leader Shah Waliullah. Later on his son,Shah Abdul Aziz took forward this movement, there was no way that Inidian muslims could accept this defeat and continue living under the british. According to Abdul Aziz he started a revolution like "jehad" for muslims, that rising up against the british is like Jehad for the muslims and they should stand up against it.

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