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Rainy Season

             Adele Griffin is also the author of Split Just Right and Sons of Liberty, a 1997 National Book Award Finalist. She lives and works in New York.
             Praise for Rainy Season:.
              “Ambitiously conceived and sharply observed, this debut novel points to a promising new talent.”-Publishers Weekly (starred review).
             Character Sketches.
             Lane: Lane has a very nervous and jittery nature. It is said that she looks like a mouse. She has dark hair and brown eyes, a small frame and is very short. Her skin is not very tan because she doesn’t spend that much time outside preferring to stay indoors reading. She is approximately 4’7” and is 13 years old. Lane is usually dressed in lightweight clothing such as dresses to survive the humidity of Panama. She usually wears sandals to keep her feet cool. As part of her nervousness, she has a habit of biting her nails. Although she tends to be very quiet and shy, she does have a knack for telling stories. Her stories are usually about Emily, her “babysitter” in Virginia. Emily was Lane’s best friend and from reading the book, you realize how lonely Lane is without her. Later is the story you discover that Emily was Lane’s sister who died in a freak accident in Virginia. Her family attempts to pretend that it never happened and that Emily never existed. Lane alwa!.
             ys feels that she must lie to hide her parent’s secret. Every since Emily’s death Lane started to worry constantly about everything and even on errands to the store, she feels death lurks everywhere.
             Charlie: Charlie is Lane’s younger brother and they differ much in personality. Charlie has dark brown hair, black eyes and tanned skin. He taller than Lane and is much muscular, even though he’s younger. He is usually dressed in Army clothes because he thinks that he’s is part of the Army. On his feet, he wears old military boots splattered in mud.