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Virgin Islands

             Croix is one of many islands of the U.S Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, just east of Puerto Rico. St. Croix is actually one of the bigger islands of the United States Virgin Islands it's twice the size of Washington, DC. The climate of the island is subtropical meaning that there is relatively low humidity, little seasonal temperature variation; and the rainy season is from May to November. Natural resources of the island consist of sun, sand, sea and surf. The roads are really rough and unpaved outside the "city", but once you"re in the city you can travel freely and the roads are paved and maintained. Natural hazards on the island are those hurricanes; frequent and severe droughts, floods and earthquakes rarely affect St. Croix.
             The population on the island is 97,120. People on the island are so nice not just to each other.
             But they are especially nice to the tourist. Tourism is the primary economic activity accounting for than 70% of Gdp and 70% of employment The languages that we speak on the island are English with a lilt known as "calypso", Spanish and Creole.

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