Review Of “Powder“ By Tobias Wolff

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In the short story Powder by Tobias Wolff there is an irrefutable relationship that is quite dissimilar. In these two characters of father and son we see a reflection of many modern day "broken home  situations. The standard role of father and son has been reversed in this story. Reversed in a way that real life and many modern day family situations have been replicated.

The development of the father character begins with his son's flashback of being brought to a nightclub against the will of his mother. He wanted to bring his son to see jazz great Thelonious Monk. With this passage it was possibly Wolff's intent to portray the father as a reckless parent with no regard for the welfare of his child. In the father's defense we are left with a disclaimer that the father is only trying to institute a foundation of culture upon his son. The boy was not thrust into this environment with the intent of exposing him to the tribulations of a

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