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What Army Recruiters Will Not Tell You

            What the Army Does Not Tell Them .
             Many of the United States armed forces recruitment advertisements emphasize world travel, adventure, education, patriotism, and service to one's country. Although these advertisements show all the benefits of being enlisted, they show none of the real dangers that serving entails. Tobias Wolff, author of "The Last Shot", has experienced these dangers first hand. In doing so, he lost one of his dear friends. Although it is expected for the armed forces to show all the benefits they can offer in their advertisements, it is only right to also include the dangers of serving as well. .
             The United States army recruitment advertisements show strength and courage. They challenge their audience to prove these qualities and to make people want to show how tough they are. They encourage people to join by showing them the benefits to enlisting, and there is nothing wrong with that. Many people join the army to serve their country and keep it safe from harm; however, with all the benefits there are some negatives. While being in the army, soldiers' lives are always on the line. There is always a possibility of getting injured or worse. The army does not include these negative aspects in their advertisements, but they should show exactly what one is signing up for, good and bad.
             There is a real danger in the military service. Tobias Wolff experienced the dangers of being in the army and while doing so lost one of his good friends, Hugh Pierce. The death of Pierce still haunts Wolff; he often thinks of the life Pierce could have had if he had not died so young. Wolff often reflects on Pierce's life and thinks, "He could have been one of them"(Wolff 190), Meaning if Pierce had survived, he could be living his life right now just as Wolff is. He thinks of what Pierce never had the chance to be because he died so young. He could be the godfather to Wolff's children.

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