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Propaganda in world war 1

            The First World War occurred for a number of reasons however I believe it was triggered by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, in thins essay I will explain how the government used propaganda to mobilise their troops to sway the nations thoughts about the war.
             Propaganda is the way in which you persuade a person to your way of thinking by showing one sided views of an event to make somebody think in a certain way or to mask the truth. Propaganda can be in the form if posters, newspapers, speeches, photographs, rumours, cinema and music. .
             In the beginning of the war the people thought of war as an adventure, a way to make money or a way of becoming a hero this is because world war one was the first war of its kind a modern war and so the government decided to use these things in their propaganda campaigns for e.g. the government would put up posters a happy family in which the children would ask their father "what was the war like father?" which suggest you must go to war because you will end up in a situation like this and you will be seen as a coward if you say that you stayed at home. The government also used posters to recruit and mobilise making the troops hate the other side e.g. the government would paint horrible cartoons of Hitler doing barbaric acts or the German soldiers bombing innocent targets such as children and women, and other such war crimes and this would encourage people to join because they wanted to make a difference. .
             The men of Britain saw only the good parts of the war that occurred because the government would censor the material that was shown to the public so that they did not the true horror of the war that was being fought, however the government did allow journalists through but these journalists had to be approved first and there material was also censored if it showed too much of the truth, moreover not even soldiers letters were left to the way they were written even these personal notes were censored.

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