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World War 1

            By the end of Christmas, my brother James still haven't return, the wars still goes on, many people in Australia now begin to worry about their sons or relatives fighting in the war, including myself. While my brother is fighting in the war, many things happened in Australia. Propaganda poster was hanging on the wall of every street, telling everyone to enlist for the war and displaying the hatred of the Huns. Many teenagers were pressured by their families and girlfriends. Due to the many deaths and casualties of Australian soldiers, the Government has lowered the age and height for joining the army.
             Many soldiers death was informed by the local priest, luckily the priest haven't came to my home. Finally, I received a letter from James, in the letter he mentioned that he was fighting in the Western Front in the trenches. The trenches were full of dead and injured people, there are many rats at night, and many soldiers were infected with rat disease and trench feet.
             Most Huns in Australia got sacked, they were been put into prison camps, I think those Huns deserved it; they were cruel to woman and children.
             The government in Australia can not get enough volunteer to join the army, so the Prime Minister introduce conscription, I opposed to conscription, in fact, many people are opposed to it except the upper class people. The upper class people give me an image that only the middle and lower class are going to fight whilst the rich just stay at home. John Curtain, the leader opposed to conscription, holds a Blood Vote on October 28 1916. There were many people who are against conscription, Archbishop Mannix is one who wants a resolution, he wants peace without conscription, and he said that conscription is evil, it is a commercial enterprise.
             I believed in Archbishop Mannix, conscriptions should never be introduce in Australia, I believe that the soldiers who are fighting in the war don't want people to fight if they don't wish to.

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