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The Spy Wore Red

             The Spy Wore Red: My Adventuress as an Undercover Agent in World War II. New York: Random House, 1987, 304 pages.
             Have you ever felt that someone is watching you? You"re walking down an empty street and you hear soft footsteps behind you, but when you turn around no one is there. Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to be in a country where you"re the enemy and you have to sleep with a gun underneath your pillow? Aline Romanones did. She tells the story of how she made it as a secret agent and survived.
             In The Spy Wore Red, Aline gives her own personal account of how she served our country in World War II. She was an aspiring model from New York that wanted to serve her country. She re-tells her account of very courageous woman spy.
             One dinner, one night, one man would recruit a woman that saved thousand of American soldiers lives. "I love adventure. I like taking risks. All the men I know are eager to get over there [Europe]. Why should it seem strange that a woman wants to also?" (11) Aline was as brave if not braver than any man that I know. Two weeks later, after she met this mysterious man from dinner she was invited to farm. This farm was where the United States trained the there new division of spies. .
             Aline fell in love the first time she saw Pierre. They were in the same training class together and he helped her trough-out the rigorous training, but soon they would part ways. Aline was only twenty-one years when she got her first assignment to go over seas. Her mission was to find out who was Heinrich Himmler's top spy, and where their secret radio station was located. The Allies were planning two major missions that could change the course of the war. .
             There was one major problem. There was a mole. As the story progresses Top Hat introduces her to many aristocrat people. She was also courted by a famous bullfighter. She worked her way through the social chain of people until she found out enough information about certain Germans that were there.

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