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            George Orwells" character Julia is a classic example of a rebel. In 1984, Julia is a young and attractive woman that uses sex for a rebellion against the Party. Her first appearance may throw someone off track though, as it did to Winston.
             When Winston first met Julia, he didn"t know her name and he thought she was a typical Party follower-a mindless, well-behaved robot. They worked at the same place and he suspected her of being a spy for the Thought Police. Around her waist she wore a red sash, a symbol of the Junior Anti-Sex League. Later Winston discovered that Julia merely participated in the Anti-Sex League and other community activities as a cover and that she hates the Party as well. .
             Since sex outside of Party-approved marriages is strictly forbidden, Julia's relationship with Winston began as a political act against the State. It seemed to develop into more, yet Winston still essentially saw their relationship temporary and could not imagine it to last very long. Julia had claimed to have affairs with various Party members as well, which is no doubt a form of rebellion.
             Julia is intelligent and less likely to be fooled by Party propaganda than even Winston is, but she is more interested in evading authority and having a good time than trying to overthrow the government. Her main goal in life was to do as much as she could against The Party and still stay alive; therefore she was a classic example of a rebel. In many ways Julia is a contrast to Winston. Yet their shared hatred for the Party and their mutual sexual desire binds them with a tie they thought nothing could break.

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