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             George Orwell's book 1984 takes place in London and the surrounding countryside, during the spring and early summer of the year 1984. However, the world is very different than the way 1984 really existed. The Oceanic Empire (pg 153) rules the British Isles, along with the Americas, Australia and the islands to the north, and the southern portion of Africa. There are three major empires in the world, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia (pg 153). 1984 is a story composed of three major parts, labeled "Book One,"" "Book Two,"" and "Book Three,"" respectively.
             Book One takes place in the month of April. The main character, Winston, lives in an apartment building called Victory Mansions, within walking distance from his work in a towering pyramid-shaped building called the Ministry of Truth. The city is quite run down from neglect and constant rocket attacks. There are three major districts of the city, for the proletarians, outer-party members, and inner-party members. Everything is dirty. .
             Winston often eats in the Chestnut Tree Café. It is a low ceilinged place deep underground (pg 43). There is a counter with a grill, and a small bar. The walls are "grimy from the contact of innumerable bodies. (pg 52)- Everything in the Café is greasy, and there is grease and grime in every crack and crevice (pg 52). Victory Gin is the only alcohol served at the bar (pg 44). The room is filled with worn metal-topped tables (pg 44, 52) spaced very close together. And like every room in Oceania, it is equipped with a telescreen. The Café reeks of gin, coffee, stew and dirty clothes (pg 52). Stew and gin are served out of old, white, handleless mugs (pg 44,52), served on "greasy metal trays- (pg 44). The Chestnut Tree Café is a known gathering spot of musicians and artists (pg 49), and is also frequented by Winston and many of his other Party member comrades.
             In Book Two, Winston and Julia spend a good amount of time at the room they rented above Mr.

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