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            In Orwell's book 1984, the recurring theme of an individual opposing the will of the majority is set as the major conflict. In 1984, Wilson Smith is confused by his society and where he stands in it. Through mass means he must test his moral and ethical implications against the society of Big Brother.
             Wilson's way of life is not exactly congruent to the one Big Brother is trying to raise. For example, Wilson has a strong sexual lust that cannot be fulfilled due to the laws of Big Brother. His recurring thoughts of sex had to be suppressed by any means necessary. His thoughtless acts to please himself, became the last thought he would ever have. Moreover, when he woke up after his night with Julia, he was apprehended by the Thought Police. The Thought Police was like a demonic plague sweeping Oceania of anyone who thought outside of the box. Big Brothers perfect society thrived on the harshness that the Thought Police implied. Wilson's actions to rebel against the mighty Big Brother only infected him with the plague of not feeling.
             The society that Big Brother created was implied to be perfect and flawless. For example, each individual was watched by a silkscreen. Big Brother was tapping into everybody's mind and making them do what he thought was right. His beliefs on wellness were no more than a rotting plague eating at every thinking mind. Moreover, his perfect society was still filled with hate and suffering. The two minute hate break was just an added affect to the terror of Oceania. Not to mention the constant changing of was with different countries. Big Brothers attempts to create the perfect world, only pushed it closer to destruction.
             Different morals and ethics were implied through Big Brother and Wilson Smith. In 1984 there constant battle of beliefs led to the destruction of another.

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