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             Whether it is walking around the house or traveling to work, there is a shoe for all situations. Every shoe contains diverse characteristics each differing in look, feel, smell, and the reaction of the wearer. Each pair of shoes affects the feet and the feel at the end of the day. The full shoe experience depends on the quality of the shoe. Most of us know how people feel throughout the day, how do feet feel?.
             Footwear is chosen depending on what one is doing. Bare feet are oblivious to this decision until it is made. For example, when one is sleeping in a comfortable bed the feet are cozy and warm. Next, one’s feet are taken into a monsoon of soap and water in the shower. Subsequently, a rough bushy towel surrounds each toe. Now the feet are awake and ready for what they will be wearing. Walking the house on carpet and a tiled floor, the feet approach a closet of shoes. A choice of shoe is made and the feet are prepared for the day. Next, the feet put on a pair of socks, which protects and keeps the feet snug. Then the feet are pushed into the shoes. The feet only need a moment to adapt to the new walking environment and comfort level. From this point on, the feet are on their way to an adventurous ride. .
             Once the right pair of shoes is chosen, the feet are ready to explore the day. The feet do repetitious movements on a stop and go basis. For example, .
             Silver 2.
             a person with feet walk into a fast food restaurant, stop to order, sit down until his/her food is ready, arises to pick up the food, and then proceeds to sit down and eat. Bending back and forth, the foot molds to the shape of the shoe. The feet make tremendous movements of up, down, left, and right. Moreover, the motions create a damp climate from the sock capturing heat and sweat. The day is long, and oneself his or her agenda. The foot feels the ache and pain of this journey. Finally, the feet are back where they started, at home ready to prepare for bed.