Sex Education

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Teens today are faced with the mass media advocating sex subliminally, while our education systems stress abstinence. It is all too fishy. Since Mary Ware Dennett's essay for her two sons in 1915 , to set facts from fiction, times have changed in the ways we communicate to our children about "how babies are born . With access to over a thousand websites on the web and pictures that scream of sex research (and content, might I add) to answer all of their unanswered questions, the topic is readily available to the young and adolescents. The information collected by the mind of a child can influence what he or she may posses psychologically in their future.

Like they say, "Curiosity kills the cat!  As such a touchy subject might be, it would be straightforward to say that teens and children alike are getting mixed messages these days. One concern of parents is: teaching their children how to make decisions, watching them make one is another. Schools are helping to teach children the basics of childbearing and sexual education. This subject may be the most controversial of them all. Nonetheless, it is one of the most important types of information that adolescence (and preadolescence) will learn

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