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            As I walked into the bar, I saw her sitting by herself, stirring a Long Island Ice Tea with one hand and her head resting over the other. I looked around the bar to familiarize myself with the surroundings to become more relaxed. The place looked pretty full, but why was this lady sitting alone? I have never been able to just walk right up to someone and introduce myself right off the bat. I always needed a few drinks before I was even able to give her a smile or two. I sat down at a table behind the bar so I could keep my eye on this mysterious lady without her knowing. I wanted to make sure she was alone before I talked myself into initiating a conversation. .
             “Gimme a pitcher, Bud Light”! It was time to loose all sense of perception. If I was going to drink tonight, I wanted to get drunk enough to forget about being shy.
             She was wearing a tight purple mini-skirt with a thick black belt over her hips, which had curves like a goddess. The dress complimented her curly red hair, which seemed to become brighter with every drink. She was letting her black high-tops slip away from the heels of her feet, off of the footrest on the stool. She looked as if she was getting restless, maybe even waiting for someone. “Damn”, I thought, “why is it always the good ones that are taken”? .
             “Gimme another pitcher”! I yelled. I guess all I can do is just observe who this gorgeous red head is and see what the deal is with her anyway.
             I had to get over my break-up, but how? It’s been about a month so far and I feel, or at least I think I feel, like I can date again. I felt as if the only way to get over that cheatin’ bitch was to get laid. I guess no matter what I do to try to forget about what happened with me and Laura will never work. But I still need to get laid. I mean it has been a month. I have been contemplating all night whether or not I should call Laura, and at the same time I was debating if I should go up and talk to Red at the bar.