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The Effects Of Anti-smoking Ads On The Youth Of America.

            The effects of anti-smoking ads on the youth of America.
             Anti-smoking ads have hit America’s youth like a ton of bricks, and they are working. The “Truth” ads seem to be especially effective on the youth of today. I did not really realize that there were any other anti-smoking ads before the “truth” ads. It turns out that there have been anti-smoking ads since 1998. Those ads did not have much of an effect on the youth. They did not state any of the stats that the “truth” ads do, and they do not have a hard-hitting theme. The ads that did not have a hard impact were “think, don’t smoke” ads, and they featured such things as young athletes saying no to cigarettes and then going on to win or do good in something.
             As a result of these ads smoking is way down among high school students. The rate of smokers among teens is at the lowest tat it has been since 1991. In 1991 twenty seven and a half pe4rcent of high school students said that they smoked, and in 2001 the seniors in high school who smoke is about thirty five percent. It is still too many when about one in four kids in high school are still lighting up. More of what the reason this could be is because the price of cigarettes has risen as much as $1.50 more as in New York. 63.9 percent of high school students said that they have had at least taken one puff of a cigarette in their entire lives.
             Smoking is killing a lot of people. In Asia about 50,000 teenagers start smoking every day. About two-thirds of the people who are under twenty-five will start smoking in China. More than half of the children who are seven to seven-teen smoke in the Philippines. They say that there needs to be better control of the tobacco. Everywhere except a few countries in Asia have some of the world’s weakest tobacco control laws.
             Many different things affect the rate of smoking in teens. Certain anti-smoking ads have more of an affect than other anti-smoking ads.