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SuperBowl ads

             The Budweiser commercials consisted of 9 different ads: Mini-Fridge vs. Inflictor, Cedric, Satin sheets, Out-of-Towner, Falconeer , Victory Lap, Cards, 125th anniversary and Respect. .
             The main theme for 6 of them (the 6 first on the list) was humor in the form of slapstick mishaps, while the two others had more of an patriotic theme; The Clydesdale horses paying tribute to New York City and the victims of September 11. It is clear that the method of using different themes is used to attract the attention of different target groups. .
             The 6 "funny-ads" were mainly aimed at the younger audience who goes to bars and watch robots bashing each other on TV. Budweiser apparently sees this as the largest target group as these ads were a big majority of their ads. The main purpose of the ads was to get people to associate Bud Light with something funny and enjoyable - the taste of Budweiser is nothing to most people, thus it is not the taste it self they are trying to sell but more the experience. The ads are not made to trigger visionary memories but more situation memory - it is more important to remember what happened than the actual scenery.
             The ad with the Clydesdales paying tribute to New York City, Respect, was clearly made to wake the patriotism in all the American viewers. The target group has probably been everyone watching as everyone in the America and the World even, can in some way relate to September 11. The 125th anniversary basically saluted Budweiser for its history, and has been showed many times before. These ads are trying to sell Budweiser like the American beer. The two main expressions would patriotism and tradition, which are two very strong and effective words in the American society. Contrary to the first range of ads these are more targeted to the older audience, who have seen Budweiser around for 30, 40, 50 and 60 years. In contrary to the "comedy-ads" these ads, especially Respect, uses strong effective visionary effects to make them memorable.

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