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Oreo Company and Online Brand Management

            Oreo, the brand name and logo is recognized everywhere around the world and became the best selling cookie of the 20th century. But they didn't stop there. The company has one of the most active and effective social media strategies and expertly manages its Twitter account with approximately 442K followers. The reason I've chosen Oreo (owned by Nabisco) to make my research on is because I think it is a very reputable and nice company with a great practice of creating mini content series and marking them with creative hashtags. The social media campaigns I will outline below are some of the highest quality in my opinion.
             Real Time Posts.
             Oreo's marketing team were the real heroes of the day during the 2012. Superbowl when the stadium suffered a 34-minute 'blackout'. Oreo's quick-thinking team came up with the winning tweet: The picture was retweeted 10,000 times in one hour, and it gained more media attention than any of the $3.5M TV ads screened during the game. The key to their rapid response and success was having the branding team in the office ready to action and tweet within minutes.
             The brand continues to make amazing real-time response campaigns, such as the one reacting quickly to the birth of the UK's Prince George.
             Instead of simply tweeting about the product, all of Oreo's social media campaigns have high production quality. In 2012, Oreo launched its 'Daily Twist' campaign, which produced 100 images over 100 days that blended the classic Oreo design with a topical news story in highly creative and hilarious ways. The campaign finished on June 25th with an image to mark the start of Gay Pride month. .
             They designed 100 different cookies to release a new one each day. The campaign was so simple, just show people a new picture of a cookie every single day for 100 days.┬áThe simplicity paired with the exciting visual element in these social media campaigns made them easy for viewers to understand and share.

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