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Brand Analysis - The Walt Disney Company

             Today, the Walt Disney Company is known to be one of the leading companies in the entertainment and media world, with its services and products factoring into five business segments - media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. Originally the Disney brand was built on animated characters, films and the stories however two of the main impacts of the growth in the Disney brand was the forming of the Walt Disney Music Company in 1949 and in 1955 the Disney brand was then extended with the opening of the Walt Disney theme park, by doing this they allowed the consumers to communicate with the brand through multiple senses hence increasing the brand impact. Throughout the years Disney continued to interact with many platforms such as the creation the creation of products and services the Disney Company became an excelling media corporation with its purchase of the ABC network for $19 billion. In 2012 the Disney brand was estimated by Interbrand to have a brand value of $27.4 billion.
             SWOT Analysis .
             Brand loyalty of Disney consumers (I.e. growing up watching Disney then leading children to watch Disney).
             How diverse the company is with its business segments .
             Global scale of the Walt Disney company.
             Strong brand name.
             When looking at net profit etc. always seems to increase from year to year .
             Weaknesses .
             Very little advertisement .
             Reliant on consumer relationships .
             Interactive losses.
             Disney can sometimes send a corrupted message to children – i.e. Robin hood a thief, Pinocchio was a liar, and Cinderella sneaked out to go to a party.
             Increase in labour costs which will have an impact in Walt-Disney expenses due to their large amount of employees.
             Opportunity .
             Extensive opportunities for brand extensions.
             International development .
             Many more places to build theme parks.
             Threat .
             Annual income falling.
             Foreign business risks .
             Increasing competitors.
             Consumers now have the opportunities to stream films/media online instead of purchasing the DVD.

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