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Oreo Cookbook Analysis

             This portfolio consists of how food choices change every day and the journey of food. It details the journey of food based on pieces written in 1st and 3rd person through research reflected by essays. There was definitely a major change in my written works and projects since I have been in this course. I have learned how to differentiate between 1st and 3rd person in my works. I have also learned how to use different research methods and find more reliable resources to use in my projects. One of the biggest things I believe I improved was the construction of my essays. I learned how to make my work more organized and useful. I had to do some revisions over my projects and that helped me progress and produce better pieces. The biggest revision I had to do was reconstruct my essays to make the make more sense. This only caused for me to reread my written works and slow down. I thought this portfolio was going to be complicated but the process was easy because of the order and way the portfolio contents were assigned. This is one portfolio I will forever be proud of and it is the first one I have completed that was this in-depth.
             Cookbook Analysis.
             Anthony Howe's The Oreo Cookie Dessert Book is a very unique cookbook mainly because every recipe contains oreos. This book has many recipes ranging from breakfast treats to different forms of dessert. Howe even shows readers how to make drinks including Oreos and homemade ice-cream. On the front of the book he illustrates the tasty illusions of Oreo cookies and crumbs. Howe does this to grab the attention of people who love Oreos and also children. He knows Oreos are one of America's favorite snacks so if he can persuade a child to look at his book they will persuade their parents to buy the cookbook and cook a recipe. The purpose of this cook book is to show his love for Oreos and share some of his many treats that deal with Oreos in every recipe.

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