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Budweiser and the Superbowl

            Budweiser keeps doing it best in every year's Superbowl. This 2014, they impacted their audience with their brand new ad, Puppy Love. This ad consists of a story, in which a little Labrador Retriever keeps escaping to the horse farm to see his best bud, a Clydesdale. The horse keeper keeps bringing the 10 month old back to its owner, which sells the little puppy to a man. When the man has the puppy in his car and they are leaving, some horses approach the car, which are the little dog best buds, and they keep living together as buds. This is an ad that has been going viral and was a complete success, winning the best ad of the Superbowl. To help this ad go viral and to become so popular, six sticky principles were enforced. .
             The fist of the principles is Simplicity. The Budweiser ad was simple in a way that the ad mainly focuses on the friendship of the dog and the horse. Also a simple setting was used which was a farm. Not many effects and things were needed since the plot mainly highlights the friendship between the two animals, and how the dog does anything it takes to see his best bud. The core of the ideas is set from the first time the puppy goes to look for the horse, letting the viewer know what the ad will be about.
             The unexpectedness of the ad may be what makes the ad stand out the most. As a viewer, anyone expects a friendship between a dog and a Clydesdale. Also, as the buyer is leaving with his recently purchased pet, a group of Clydesdale intervenes in order to not .
             let its bud being taken by a stranger, which surprises the consumers with such unexpected intervention. The way in which the dog happens to escape no matter what the situation is makes the ad unique in a positive way in which it makes the viewer realize that escaping to be with your best friend is sometimes good and also shows how loyal it is. .
             Budweiser makes its ad concrete and credible by presenting images that really support their famous hashtag #BestBuds.

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