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He walks in late and immediately I can relate. Windblown and flustered he walks

directly in front of the professor and takes a seat across the room. The assignment is given and everyone is on edge. Each student is instructed to pair up with another to interview them and I ¡ ¯m relieved when Alex Flippin takes a seat next to me. I quickly realize that long awkward silences have no place here.

He ¡ ¯s a blue jeans kind of guy; the type of person that makes you feel laid back and comfortable. Perhaps it is because he enjoys the little things like beer and open windows. We find ourselves having grown up in the same town of Little Rock, Arkansas. We talk about the Rivermarket. I think to myself that he is the sort of person to appreciate the open air, fresh foods, and endless amphitheater possibilities. Somet

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