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Racial Profiling

             According to Robert Franklin, racial profiling is "Trying to assess and predict the behavior, motives, and character of other law-abiding people based on their physical appearance." Racial profiling has existed for many years. It has even existed in the Biblical era. As an example, according to the book of Exodus the Pharaoh of Egypt enslaved the Jewish people based on their beliefs. The purpose of this paper is to investigate wether racial profiling has changed since September 11, 2001. How do we as Americans feel about racial profiling? Are all Arabs Terrorist? Should the United states take special precautions toward Arabs or people who look like they are of Arab descent? I have looked at web articles, analyzed a cartoon, watched TV interviews, acted out skits, and conducted interviews and surveys to detect the answer to these questions. The following questions are to help empathize the issue of racial profiling.
             1. Has racial profiling increased since September 11, 2001?.
             2. Do Americans believe that Arabs have a higher probability of being terrorists?.
             3. Do Americans think that middle eastern people are more racially profiled than other races?.
             4. Is racial profiling leading to good or bad for the US?.
             In conducting my research for racial profiling, I First watched a TV interview with Bill Moyers. He interviewed a Muslim on how life is being a Muslim before and after September 11. I payed special interest to the interviewee on his reactions on personal Questions. Then I read a series of articles on racial profiling to see the different perceptions on racial profiling.

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