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Racial Profiling

             Take a moment to sit and just think about the major problems experienced in urban societies and academic settings. Majority of societies will face at least one of many different problems, such as, drugs, HIV/AIDS, school dropout rates, minority issues, and racism. However, one of the many problems that societies are facing that I choose to discuss is the topic of racial profiling while driving, shopping, or even flying. .
             Mikal Muharrar, of Extra! defines racial profiling as the discriminatory practice by police of treating blackness or brownness as an indication of possible criminality. Which in fact, has lately been the focus of frequent legal or legislative action, resulting in a significant amount of coverage in the mainstream news media. In contrast, the Daily Illini cites that racial profiling is generally thought of as the targeting of blacks more than whites in traffic stops or accusing blacks of crimes on the basis of race alone. The issue of racial profiling is more complicated than that conception; it can include people of many backgrounds in many different situations. But experts say the line between using race as a sole factor can cause confusion about the definition of racial profiling.
             First and foremost, in many situations racial profiling seem to enact majority of its consequences while driving on the highways. Racial profiling is being a set on many young blacks and Hispanic males being stop due to the smuggling of drugs, driving fancy high priced cars with fashionable accessories, or being a suspect of criminal encounters. Many minorities face being pulled over by policemen just because of the color of their skin, not because of violating the law. Nevertheless, there are many lawsuits being held on minorities being stopped by a police officer of racial profiling and unaware of how to handle the situation. .
             Consequently a majority of males who drive nice, exorbitant cars are not gang bangers, drug dealers, and thieves.

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