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Racial profiling

             Again and again we see on the news or in the paper instances of police accusing or unjustly harassing someone simply because they are a different race, or we see judicial decisions being unfairly influenced by the race of the accused. In the United States we supposedly live by the principle that all men are created equal, but as far as I can see, most people do not live by this principle.
             I live in a building where several people of different races also live. Here there are: Koreans, a Puerto Rican, a Hispanic, an Arabian, and blacks. When I first moved in, it would never have crossed my mind to think less of them because they were different than me. I think racial profiling is completely unfair. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever change. There will always be ignorant individuals who view race as an indicator of guilt. .
             To find out what kind of views and experiences other people have had, I talk to several of the people in my building. I spoke with Steve (Hyo-Sang) my Korean roommate, Ahmed, an Arabian from upstairs, and DeMico, a black who also lives upstairs.
             When I talked to Steve, I found out basically what I had expected. Steve told me he didn't really ever experience racial profiling. He has however, .
             experienced every day prejudices, which I think goes hand in hand with racial profiling. He's walked past people and heard them making typical Asian jokes. I think prejudices however are something that everyone has had to, or will have to deal with at some point in their lives. He also made sure to add how ignorant he thought racial profiling and racism was in general. .
             Of everyone I talked to, I think Ahmed experienced the most and the worst racial profiling of anyone. Being from Saudi Arabia, I think a lot of his problems were caused by the September 11th attacks. Most of the problems Ahmed has encountered have been at the airport. He noticed that when security is looking through the lines for people to search, he is one of the very first picked.

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