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Racial profile

             As seen in such topics related to work, school and community, Racial Profiling exists and provokes its self in many different ways. Its one of the issues that is still happening in our daily life. My self personally going to talk about racial profiling present in the government. To begin with, one of the ways that racial discrimination presents it self in government is through the use of census which is used to contribute a head count for the measure of seats in parliament across the country. Its is one of the few government purposes widely mentioned in the charter. Race info from the census is used to improperly discriminate against caucasians and north european descendants by allocating their taxes for racial quota programs such as school programs, hiring, government contracting, aid programs and bank loans which are all based on race. the census has developed into nothing but a countrywide racial profile. Moreover, race info from the census is also used by the justice department and the labour department to push employers in specific areas to hire the right number of people for the right color, thats is to coordinate the racial description of their workforce to the racial description of their area. All of this is used as a tool by the government to allocate employment and job based on race. As a manner of fact, when the census takes your race description, your occupation and your wage, it is racially profiling you and your job. In addition, census data are greatly used to prohibit manufacturers and factories from locating in places of great unemployment. If these manufacturers where to be located in widely poor areas and scarce communities, they were severely fined.
             Another way in which racial profiling provokes its self in government is during the ballots for a president. Many stories have been evident throughout Florida stating that many voters were blocked from voting by a a number of obstacles.

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