Von Schelling

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Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling was born in Leonburg, Germany in 1775. He grew up during the Classical era of philosophy, during a high-point in German culture. At age 16 he began to study at the Tubinger Stift, a seminary school in northern Germany. Schelling's Romanticist philosophy was greatly influenced by Holderlin and Hegel, two good friends of his.

Romanticism began in 1805, taking the place of Classicism (1786-1805,) and ended around 1835 in Europe. Romanticism influenced the rediscovery of history and the German past; it promoted art, music, literature, folklore, and poetry as the paths to discovery. The Romanticist movement was somewhat religious in the idea that satisfaction and love can only be achieved AFTER death, (Classicists focused on self-actualization in THIS life.) Music was the embodiment of the Romanticist movement and was therefore held in the highest-esteem (as was poetry.)

"Mobilization of the unconsciousness  was another big theme in Romanticism. People were beginning to take a larger interest in things like dreams, the occult, hypnotism, and animal magnetism. Folklore was being revived during this time and concepts like "love  and "friendship  were

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