Child Sexual Abuse

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There are many predators out in the world living among us. Some of those predators are accessible to distinguish and safe guard against. Others however do not have a definite classification which makes them a bigger threat. An example of such a predator is a child sexual abuser. According to a research report made by the National Institute of Justice, "There is no single ˜profile' that accurately describes or accounts for all child molesters  (doc1). More focus must be put on this topic to be able to accurately profile the characteristics of a child sexual abuser. According to Kali Munro, M.Ed., the definition of child sexual abuse is "any form of sexual activity with a child by an adult, or by another child where there is no consent or consent is not possible; or by another child who has power over the child. By this definition, it is possible for a child to be sexually abused by another child who is younger than they are. Sexual abuse includes showing a child pornographic materials, placing the child's hand on another person's genitals, touching a child's genitals, and the more extreme form of abuse that of penetration. Penetration does not have to occur for it

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