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Sexual Abuse And How It Effects Children As They Become Adults

            Sexual Abuse and How It Effects Children as They Become Adults.
             Children are affected in many different ways by sexual abuse. Adults who are sexually abused as children often can't erase the harm done to their lives, therefore; they may have to receive years of psychotherapy to help counteract the effects of sexual dysfunction, depression, and the sense of low self esteem.
             First of all try to consider the sexual dysfunction caused by sexual abuse. Often adults who are sexually abused as children may have problems interacting with anyone in a sexual way ever again. Some adults may not want anything to do with sex and they may resist becoming sexually involved with anyone. On the other hand, females who are forced to stimulate a man sexually as a child may not be able to even look at or touch their husband's penis when they become adults. Some may be confused over the boundaries of behavior, which separates affection, sex, and abuse. As a result, adults who were sexually abused as a child are more likely to experience sexual problems. "The victim may feel like "damaged goods", which is, feel unworthy of relationships with members of the opposite sex" (Cooney 72). They may also have a negative attitude when being touched by someone due to being abused. .
             Depression plays a big role on how someone is affected by being sexually abused. Children who are sexually abused often go through extensive emotional problems. They may feel like they are carrying around a secret inside of them that they are not able to share with anyone. They may experience overwhelming loneliness or even guilt. Depression may be linked to suicide, drug abuse, and self-abusive behavior. Consequently, many who experience sexual abuse have more bad days than good ones and normally have a bad outlook on life itself. Thus, all people who are sexually abused experience some depression. "Adults who have been sexually abused as children may also exhibit more serious bouts of depression than other people" (Kinnear 42).

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