Why Abuse Drugs?

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I understand that handling problems in today's society can sometimes be extremely hard to deal with. I realize that many people grow up in broken homes, and as a result, they become rebellious and act out. People often struggle with being rejected by certain cliques or groups causing them to do whatever it takes to fit in. I even understand that some people experience physical or mental abuse in their homes that makes them sometimes runaway. Why when problems arise suddenly do some people turn to drugs as their relief? I never really understood why people abuse drugs because of their problems.

When I refer to drugs, I mean things like cigarettes, prescription, and non prescription medications, narcotics, and even alcohol. To abuse something is to use it more than normal or misuse it in an inapproiate way. Abusing a drug is usually done every time the abuser wants more. Abusing of drugs can be done in many different ways, but I will explain to you what I mean by abusing drugs. The abuse of drugs is not normal. For instance, people that abuse cigarettes do not just smoke the usual two or three cigarettes. They would smoke one in the morning, one for lunch, and then another for dinner. An abuser w

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