Bubble Gum

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Chewing gum and bubble gum have changed drastically over the past 150 years. Every aspect of the wide selling product has been altered and improved to better suit the needs of its enormous number of consumers.

Chewing gum, made from the resin of the mastiche tree, was first introduced in ancient Greece. In North America, the first customers of gum were the Indians who chewed the sap from spruce trees. Next, the early American settlers designed a product made of spruce sap and beeswax that eventually had many men across America studying and perfecting the many different flavors and varieties of gum that we now have today.

John B. Curtis was the first person to ever produce and retail chewing gum in the United States. In 1848, he produced the State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum, which was sold throughout the country. Two years later, he began manufacturing flavored paraffin gums, which t

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