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Dental Carries, a preventable disease

             If you have ever had a toothache, then you know how awful dental problems can be. It is bizarre that something so painful is preventable by choosing the right diet. Dental carries can be a serious issue or virtually avoided. Everyone is at risk. First, I will explain what dental carries are and how they develop. Next, I will talk about the importance of oral hygiene. Last, I will focus on the main step in prevention, eating a healthy diet. This is not only the key for strong, healthy teeth, but also a long lasting body.
             According to licensed Doctors, the word caries is Latin for rot or rotten. Literally when you visit the dentist and get a cavity filled, it is because your tooth is rotting or in other words, dying. Rotting teeth are the signs of the disease, dental carries. (Mount 3) Unlike other diseases, caries are not life threatening. Most people do experience the disease with some degree in their life. Our teeth all naturally have bacteria on them. The bacteria are striving to survive and in order to do so they must receive some nutrition. All of the food, especially our carbohydrates, provide an excellent source to the bacteria's reproduction. (Buckland) Bacteria uses the sugars on teeth to make plaque which is a sticky substance that rids the acid-neutralizing effect of salivia. When our teeth are frequently exposed to carbohydrates (starches and sugars), such as pop, candy, ice cream, milk, cakes, and even fruits, some vegetables and juices, tooth decay begins. Certain carbohydrates such as lactose fermentation, cause the most problems. Acid is produced .
             and with time, it weekens teeth and damages enamel. So if you eat those types of food, especially with sugar, and not brush your teeth soon after, you are almost directly asking for your tooth to rot. (Buckland 1).
             Now, an important fact to remember is one cannot simply prevent tooth decay by just moderately in taking problem foods, practice in oral hygiene needs to be the focus.

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